PICO 500 is a proposed detector that uses the principle that has been demonstrated with PICO 2L and PICO 60 already. The detector will have an active volume of about 800 litres and is proposed to use a synthetic quartz vessel, just like PICO 2L, PICO 60 and PICO 40L before it. The PICO collaboration is currently working towards demonstrating that such a detector can be operated with low backgrounds and high operational reliability. PICO is planning to operate PICO 500 with C3F8 to achieve a world leading sensitivity for dark matter coupling to ordinary matter though its spin. 

The detector is proposed to be located at SNOLAB. 

The image on the side shows a schematic view of a possible version of the planned pressure vessel that will hold the quartz inner vessel with the active mass. It is currently planned that the detector will also use the "right side up" concept first implemented in PICO 40L.

last update: 30.10.2017
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