PICO 60 paper selected as Editor's Selection by PRL

published: 16.05.2017

The latest PICO 60 publication was selected as Editor's selection and is featured on the website of PRL of the second edition in May. 

PICO 6 run 2 results released

published: 02.03.2017

The one month data taking period of the second run of PICO 60 has been concluded in Jauary 2017 and the results have been released to the archive. Please have a look at the paper here https://arxiv.org/abs/1702.07666.
PICO 60 with 52 kg of C3F8 has been able to improve the previously best result for WIMP proton interactions by a factor of 16. The spin dependent sensitivity plot from the paper is shown below, for more details please follow the link or see the press release from SNOLAB.

Eric Dahl wins the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

published: 17.01.2017

PICO collaboration member Eric Dahl (Northwestern University) recieved the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers! Please follow this link to see the Fermilab announcement.

PICO 60 blind run started

published: 01.12.2016

The PICO 60 detector commissioning has been sucessfully concluded. The detector is now taking data with "blinding" enacted. This is done to prevent any biasing of the involved researchers towards any outcome. The detector has shown excellent performance in the weeks leading up to this new data taking phase.

Stay tuned for new results from PICO 60. 

PICO 60 Filled

published: 20.07.2016

The second run of PICO 60 is about to start after the experiment has been filled with 45 litres of C3F8. The detector now has a new all fused silica vessel, four cameras observing the vessel and a filtration and circulation system for the buffer liquid. PICO 60 is expected to be operated for about one year.
Installation of the new inner vessel into the PICO 60 experiment 

PICO 2L Run 2 Paper Published

published: 22.03.2016

The PICO 2L run 2 paper is now published. Find the official link here.

PICO 2L run 2 paper released

published: 14.01.2016

The small PICO 2L detector has finished taking data for run 2 and this time around the data we got is compatible with background free operation. Please find out more about this in the new paper: arxiv1601.03729.

PICO 2L event positions from run 2. Blue events are alpha events, black are wall events and red is a recoil event.

PICO 2L paper published in PRL

published: 11.06.2015

The PICO 2L paper is now published in PRL. The official version can be found here.

Stay tuned for great new results from the currently ongoing run of PICO 2L.

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